Here on the Marin Coast Sir Francis Drake beached his “Pelican”, later renamed the Golden Hinde, some 400 years ago, to claim California for Queen Elizabeth I and her descendants forever.

The magical, secret cove of Muir Beach, only twenty minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, is a spectacular setting worthy of 16th-century adventurers.

When an Englishman with a long lineage of innkeepers in the British Isles chose the site and the name Pelican for his inn on the California Coast, he looked both to his own past and the the historic landing of Sir Francis Drake.

In the folds of rolling hills by the sea, The Pelican is majestically positioned in a valley in the center of the Golden Gate National Recreational Park. In this pristine enclave, the inn evolved hand-made from the carpenter’s bench disciplined by local materials and the rigors of a coastal climate not unlike Plymouth.

Ivy-clad and whitewashed, under the shelter of ageless slate, The Pelican, crammed, packed and steeped in British history, is an enchanting haven for its visitors, lovers and weary travelers.

Pelican History and Legends book

The Pelican Inn introduces a new book that brings alive an intriguing cache of historical British innkeeping along with mystical accounts that led to the creation and birth of the Pelican Inn. This book is designed to be a companion piece to the experience of the Inn and is a available for sale at the Front Desk.

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